Special Vehicle Request

Did you find your dream car in our available inventory? Check out our USA dealership.
If not, use this form to make your own special vehicle request, we can have your car to you faster than you can imagine.

KDHGlobal LLC will find a deal and pass it on.
Now you don’t have to live in or have a relative in the USA to own and drive a USA specification vehicle, make a special request and see it happen.

Request can be serviced around the entire globe so make your request from anywhere you live. A global network of affiliates are there to serve you.

Go here to find out the many ways we can serve you.

Special Vehicle Request

Go ahead and let us know the vehicle you desire and we will get right on it and deliver to you soon. You can even let us know about any budget constrains and we will work to accomodate it within reason.

We will respond within 2 business days by email with available options or seek further clarification.

Please read our terms and conditions (pdf) on vehicle request and complete the form to get the ball rolling.