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  • Are you in the diaspora and want to ship something from the USA to your desired country? KDHGlobal LLC comes in and can make this a hassle free undertaking.
  • Make a special order and relax, we will deliver per your shipping request.
  • Buy from inventory or request a vehicle at very competitive prices and keep it on the road for as long as you desire as we will get you the repair service and spare parts to keep it running.
  • Buy from Auction at dealer prices. (New)

Want to know more, read what we have to offer and contact us with any questions or request more infomation

More Information

  • We will ship your vehicles and goods from the USA to many parts of Africa, Europe and elsewhere.
  • With our extensive network of shippers at virtually all corners of the USA, your shipment will not have to wait.
  • Your vehicles or goods can be picked from your doorstep and delivered to the destination doorstep. Door to Door
  • Your vehicles or goods can be picked up from your doorstep and delivered to the destination port. The most popular with most clients Door to Port
  • You vehicles or goods can be delivered to the port of departure and we will ship from that port to the destination port. Port to Port
  • Shipment of vehicles can be done as open shipment where the vehicles are driven onto the carrier (Roll on Roll off) OR Container shipment where your vehicle is containerized and then put on the carrier. Go ahead with your shipping request.
  • Optional insurance for your vehicles or goods can be provided.
  • Just trucking your vehicle interstate in the USA, we can do that as well.

Special Vehicle Request

When nothing in our current inventory satisfies your needs you can go here and make a direct vehicle request. We will find a great deal and pass it on to you. You tell us what you want, relax and let our nationwide network of dealers go hunting for your specific vehicle at a great deal.

Vehicle sales

We sell all sorts of cars in Ghana and many other parts of Africa. Check our inventory for a list of currently available vehicles.
If you cannot find what you want in our available inventory you can let us know your heart’s desire and we will get it for you faster than you can imagine. Please contact us with your request. Though our current inventory is in Ghana, no request goes unanswered and every request is serviceable, we can get it to you anywhere.

Vehicle Rentals

Now available in Ghana with any of our current inventory for sale or just our special rental vehicles. Reservation can be made here.

Vehicle Auction

Introducing our Vehicle Auction services. We grant access to Vehicle Auction houses through our subsidiary KDHGlobal Autos.
Now you can buy your vehicles from the same sources most dealers do and at dealer prices.

After Sale service and Spareparts

We provide all kinds of after sale services to make sure your vehicle services your needs for as long as you desire. Need a Spare Part for a vehicle purchased or for that matter for any vehicle even not purchased from us, let us know and we will get it for you in a timely manner.
We can provide Brand New parts or Used parts at your request. This ensures that your vehicle will stay safely on the road for as long as you wish.
Please contact us today and let us serve your needs.